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Dowayne Neufville

Who am i & What is UpTheHighStreet

I'm an entrepreneur who likes to develop community tools, products and services that enable all Businesses to complete on an even playing field. UpTheHighStreet is part of the Gi Media ltd family (click for more info). UpTheHighStreet is a shopping & prize draw platform for local businesses to reach a large audience.

High Street or Independent Business? Then #upthehighstreet is for you.

#upthehighstreet, Supports Small and Independent Businesses

Fine Dinning * Coffee shops * Beauty Salons * Retail * Fashion * Craft Stores * Independents * Graphic Designers * Property Agents * Photographer * Videographer * Caterer * Hotels * Glamping * Interior * Designer * Travel Agency * Business Coach * Gym Owner Plus many more…

Helping you grow...

Trading for New and established Businesses can be tough in today’s competitive climate. Never knowing how many customers/clients will walk through the door or purchase from you is something that can be great one day and stressful the next. The list of Digital platforms is ever-expanding and it’s very difficult to know where to spend your time and money. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google AdWords, Local press, Instagram etc. They all have their pros and cons, but with the fast-paced world of technology, it’s very hard for many Businesses to keep up with the latest features and changes to algorithms. Several hours per week or to employ someone to promote your business online isn’t cheap. That why we have created #upthehighstreet

We promote your City or Region, with the strength of all local Businesses.

Imagine if every local Business Promoted your Business and vice versa.

This is how it works: • Showcase your Business by giving us a monthly Prize i.e. Holiday • Each month give us the artwork to promote your Business. • Shout, scream & Talk about #upthehighstreet We do the rest. Each month we create a video with all the prizes. We also post your artwork on our social media channels. As more and more businesses join us, we get more followers which means more people see your post. But the greatest part is that if you get 1,000 hits or 10,000 you still pay the same amount. • Get your Business in front of 1,0000’s. • Let us do the hard work so you spend more time with your customers. • Be part of a huge network. Get all of these benefits for free.

All Profits go Local

All profits from our prize draw go to help the homeless and thoughs dealing with cancer in our comunity. Click here to find out more...

# U p T h e H i g h S t r e e t

#upthehighstreet, Supports Small and Independent Businesses

  • 11 above bar, City Centre, Southampton, SO14 7DX, UK
  • Part of the GiMedia ltd family